Urbana villor, Malmö
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Location: Malmö, Västra hamnen
Year: 2008
Typology: Apartment building
Developer: Brf UrbanaVillor
Size: 7 apartments
Principal architect: Cord Siegel, Pontus Åqvist
Junior architects: Ulrika Connheim
Senior landscape architect: Karin Larsson
Junior landscape architect: Ola Nielsen, Niels De Bruin, Magnus Svensson

Seven urban villas in the middle of the city, the best of both worlds. Here, each apartment spans an entire floor and you can enter directly from the lift, or choose the spiral staircase on the courtyard façade and enter via your garden balcony. An open ground floor with generous space for bikes encourages smart transportation and the courtyard is home to the communal greenhouse. The project is characterised by an experimental approach to living, with different floor plans, robust materials and fine details. UrbanaVillor was awarded Sweden's most prestigious architecture prize, the Kasper Salin Prize, in 2009.


"With enthusiasm, commitment and an uncompromising attitude to form, UrbanaVillor has deepened the discussion on the goals of good living with community living and increased sustainability. With a kind of 'charming sloppiness', the project is nevertheless carefully executed. In addition, in-house, with the architects' sense of responsibility as inspiration for further bold experimentation.
Taking sustainability as a starting point, a new form of interaction between architecture and landscape has been initiated in this block of flats for residents living in community around cultivation and greenery. With this approach, several architectural implications become clear.
The exterior to the courtyard is characterised by balconies for gardening, and roof terraces facilitate the connection between the interior and the exterior environment of the apartments. Both the elevator, which is in direct contact with the apartments, and the external spiral staircase minimise communication surfaces, which contributes to a reduction in the use of resources and strengthens the expression of the courtyard façade. With an open ground floor and generous space for bicycles, energy-efficient modes of transport are encouraged. The large balconies facing the street also reflect an openness to new architectural expressions that bluntly turn away from the decorative.
The apartments are characterised by robust materials, meticulous detailing and bold experimentation with living, where spaces for rest and hygiene are combined in dramatic constellations."


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