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Location: Malmö, Västra Hamnen
Year: October 2015 – February 2017
Building costs: 110 million SEK
Typology:Apartments for lease and hotel
Developer: Siegel
Size: 55 apartments, 31 hotel rooms
Principal architect: Cord Siegel
Senior architect: Anders Gustafsson, Martin Stavenow Svensson
Junior architects: Ingrid Wingårdh, Hanna Larsson, Malin Bosrup, Ellen Mendel-Hartvig, René Andersson
Landscape architects: Ola Nielsen (Siegel), Peter Linder
Photography: Ole Jais, Peter Carlsson, Joan Cardenal
Ohboy residential: http://cykelhus.com/
Ohboy hotel: http://ohboy.se/

Ohboy is a work of art of green brutalism that houses 55 rental apartments and 31 hotel rooms. Raw concrete meets lush greenery on balconies, facades and roofs. Hotel rooms with their own entrances provide a rich street life. The building is built as a pilot project for reducing car use in the city - adapted for smart mobility geared towards cycling, walking and public transport.

Ohboy is designed, built and managed by us.

Are you interested in living in Ohboy?  All our available rental apartments are advertised and mediated through HomeQ, see more under the Buy or rent tab. And create an account on HomeQ.


"With conviction, commitment and previous experience of innovative residential projects, H&S has built kv. Ohboy in-house. The building is located at the skate park Stapelbädden in Västra Hamnen in Malmö, an area that has previously been inaccessible or perceived as unsafe.

The project exudes both simplicity and extravagance, the pure concrete plays the main character, but at the same time lets the individuality of each accommodation come to the fore. Both the apartments and the other communal areas such as the roof terrace, the common room, the courtyard and the bicycle parking show a care and empathy for everyday life, design and execution that is rare in today's Swedish housing production.

The project is highlighted as a much-needed good example where economy, materials, buildability and careful planning, contribute to both the quality of living and urban life in small and large ways. Sometimes requirements for ground floor facilities and strict noise regulations can seem to conflict with the interests of the developer, but this is not the case here. Here, the solution helps to bring street life into focus with the help of the ground floor's innovative bike hotel, where each room is endowed with a bike and a welcoming green planted edge zone, slightly blurring the boundary between private and public and contributing to the presence and safety of the urban space."

"At Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö's Västra Hamnen stands a playful and quirky concrete apartment building with an unusual hotel on the ground floor. The green entrances of the hotel rooms with their associated bikes and trees contribute with a clearly articulated ground floor that enriches the street environment. The design is characterised by the connection to the skate park across the street through balconies and terraces that face the park. The aesthetic expression, as well as the concrete and wood materials, give the apartments a distinctive and rustic character. The architecture of the building feels refreshing, innovative and inspiring. The well-placed and dense greenery of the courtyard conveys an intense feeling of forest in the middle of the city. In a very small area, space has been given to vegetation and drainage beds. Through the greenery runs an oak plank walkway to the hotel room and bicycle storage. Ohboy adds great social and ecological sustainability qualities to the rest of the city, not least through its focus on cycling as an alternative mode of transport. It feels natural to bring the bike into the living room. The way it brings together several forms of accommodation and the personal approach is as unique as it is inspiring. In today's construction, these are qualities that should be highlighted."

"Cord Siegel constantly challenges accepted truths and norms and leaves no one indifferent. A person who has the courage to 'stand his ground' in the face of opposition - and constantly recharge. He has created projects unlike any other, housing adapted to changing needs and in bike houses with motels/hotels - nothing is the same.

Cord Siegel is a role model for sustainable community building with a natural approach to diversity, equality, ecology and environmental considerations where no detail is too small to be taken into account."



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