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Location: Malmö, Västra Hamnen
Year: 2012
Typology: Apartments for purchase 
Developer: Siegel until building permit submission, followed by E.ON
Size: 8 apartments
Principal architect: Cord Siegel, Axel Hauschild
Senior architect: Martin Stavenow Svensson
Landscape architects: Magnus Svensson (Malmö), Anna Svensson,(manmade land, Berlin)
Photography: Peter Carlsson, Ole Jais

For those living in Hållbarheten, you don't have to travel far to have a holiday. The tropics are on the orangery balconies, the forest is outside the window, and beyond a communal swimming pool with sauna providing the luxury of summer all year round. The entrances to the homes are either directly from the street or from the pine forest on the roof. In the apartments, light wood contrasts with raw concrete. The project was designed for the client E.ON as a test bed for smart energy solutions.


"The European housing fair Bo01 was the starting point for sustainable urban development in Malmö. It also created new forms of cooperation where the public and private sectors worked together in a very forward-looking and successful way. The development of Västra Hamnen has also become a stimulating experimental arena that has inspired actors to take initiatives in the name of sustainability. An early, creative and innovative actor in Västra Hamnen was, and still is, the energy company E.on.

With Hållbarheten the company has meritoriously and excitingly taken a further step in the sustainability development of Västra Hamnen by expanding its role to include not only a developer but also an energy developer and energy supplier. Hållbarheten can be likened to a research project with one leg on the technology side and the other on the behavioural side. Working closely with the architect, it has created attractive forms of living based on its own energy production and with minimal energy consumption together with advanced energy management.

Hållbarheten consists of eight apartments on four floors, four of which are heated by district heating, two by biogas and two by electric heat pumps. Each apartment has its own garden, self-watering orangery, access to a sauna and pool. Each apartment has around sixty measuring points and the residents' analysis tools are a tablet or smartphone to control various energy points.

By selecting different target groups, the analysis of the experimental housing, which will last, in a first phase, for three years, will provide valuable information on energy use and where this experience can be used in new projects.

The creation and implementation of Hållbarheten is another milestone for Västra Hamnen and Malmö in its ambition to be at the forefront of sustainable urban development and the project is a valuable addition to the urban environment in Malmö."


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