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Location: Malmö, Sorgenfri
Year: January 2019 – August 2020
Building costs: 135 million SEK
Typology: Apartments for lease
Developer: Siegel
Size: 69 rental apartments, one commercial space
Principal architect: Cord Siegel
Senior architect: Nevena Krilic, Natalie Adelhoefer
Junior architects: Joakim Allerth, Petter Hultqvist, Hanna Larsson, Ragnvi Melin, Martin Stavenow Svensson, Vera Ceginskas Lindström, Ellen Mendel-Hartvig, Ossian Karlsson
Landscape architects: Ola Nielsen, Peter Linder, Nelly Theander, My Söderberg
Photography: Martin Palvén

In the newly built neighbourhood Passageraren, Iggy stands out - a punky building with a rusty red tone and spectacular views. Compact one-bedroom apartments with luxurious balconies coexist with penthouses with terraces, two-storey apartments with striking ceiling heights and three-bedroom apartments. The variety creates interesting dynamics in the building and eventually for the neighbourhood.

Iggy is a celebration of benefits of walking for the climate, the cityscape and personal health. Like Ohboy, it's a pilot project exploring ways to reduce car use in the city. Cycling, walking and public transport solutions are shared by residents and passers-by are offered rain shelters and drinking fountains. The outdoor environment is lively and green, for the pedestrian-friendly city.

Are you interested in living in Iggy?  All our available rental apartments are advertised and mediated through HomeQ, see more under the Buy or rent tab. And create an account on HomeQ.


”Like a punk rocker (ed: Iggy Pop) in our time, Cord Siegel is paving new paths to success with his site-specific architectural designs, most recently IGGY in Sorgenfri. His life-affirming architecture with high sustainability ambitions contributes to social encounters and urban pulse. His innovative, often practically mobile solutions, addition of green art and inclusive street spaces elevate Malmö as a present and future city.



”Promenadhus nytt pilotprojekt i Malmö” >>
Article about the project (SWE).