Det Goda vattnet,

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Location: Brunnshög, Lund
Year: Construction start 2020
Typology: Apartments for purchase
Developer:Siegel and Paulssons fastigheter
Size: 49 apartments, 12 townhouses
Architects: Cord Siegel, Nathalie Adelhoefer, Nevena Krilic, Hanna Larsson
Landscape architects: Ola Nielsen, Peter Eklund (MORF), Peter Linder

Det Goda Vattnet is a housing project, in the growing Brunnshög area, where water in various forms is the starting point, both in the quest for sustainability and the good life. Residents can enjoy the water all year round with a natural pool in the courtyard, bathtubs on balconies, hot tubs on the roof terrace and of course a sauna. There are 49 apartments and 12 stacked townhouses, ranging from one-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments. Patio, roof terrace, courtyard-facing apartments or attic apartments overlooking the fields - the options are many. The building also includes a guest apartment, a bike pool, a bicycle repair shop and a car pool.